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Conservation Districts

Responsible for natural resource management, conservation districts are a useful resource for questions about the issues you may face living near rivers and streams. In Montana, conservation districts are organized by county. Find your local conservation district.

Services offered by conservation districts may include:

  • Administration of 310 Law (permitting for construction in streams)
  • Education and Outreach
    • College scholarship programs
    • Educator grant programs
    • Workshops for educators, landowners, and the public
    • Produce educational materials
    • Help with partner organization educational events
    • Support County Fair and Range Days
    • Support agricultural curriculum in local schools
  • Conservation activities
    • Cost-share for conservation projects and practices
    • Grant procurement and management
    • Support water conservation projects
    • Convene work groups to address conservation concerns
    • Support fish habitat, passage, and spawning projects
  • Support mapping of stream characteristics, baseline studies, and geomorphology projects
  • Sales and rentals of trees, seeds, conservation equipment, and agricultural equipment
  • Coordination with County Weed Districts, state agencies, watershed groups, other conservation initiatives
  • Rural Economic Development
    • Maintain representation of RC&D and County Planning Boards
    • Support local economic efforts
  • Wildfire
    • Seek grant funds for fuels reduction and community wildfire programs
    • Support fuels reduction programs and fire organizations

Watershed Groups

Watershed groups are locally-led organizations focused on watershed-wide conservation. Watershed groups support conservation projects and practices and provide education within their boundaries. They are great sources of information about how to best coexist with streams and rivers. Find your local watershed group.

Montana Watershed Coordination Council

Cooperative Extension

Montana State University Cooperative Extension provides research and education in the following areas:

  • Youth
  • Agriculture
  • Community
  • Family
  • Yard and Garden

Get in touch with your local Extension Office.

Salinity Seep issues?  Contact the Montana Salinity Control Association

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