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Down Slope

Evidence of downslope movement of soil - both along streams and in upland areas

Downslope movement of soil (sloughing) indicates that an area is undergoing active erosion.

Ice Jams

Ice Jams

Rivers freeze in Montana! Ice jams are sudden floods caused by ice buildup on rivers causing the water to backup into the floodplain. Talk to your neighbors and your Conservation District to learn if your area is prone to ice jams. The dangers of ice jams further reinforce the importance of building at a safe distance away from the riverbank. This website maps ice jams across the state and has more information.

No Vegetation Cover

Steep or vertical banks without vegetation cover

  • Vegetation protects banks from erosion. A steep bank without vegetation is undergoing active erosion and suggests channel movement.
  • Maintaining sturdy vegetation cover – deep-rooted shrubs and trees, not lawns – along the riverbank should always be your first choice in protecting your property from erosion. Lawns are not sufficient to prevent erosion due to their shallow root system.

A home on the Outside Bend

Outside Bends

Outside Bends lose a lot of land due to erosion.  Building on an outside bend can be disastrous.

Make sure to check to see what, if any, permits you may need.  Potential Permits Required | Living on the Bank

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