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It is important to control erosion and sediment when doing construction near streambanks to prevent sediment from entering the stream and harming aquatic life.

Erosion Control involves protecting the soil surface against erosion with the goal of keeping sediment in place. Some strategies for erosion control are surface mulch, seeding to establish vegetation cover before construction, and erosion control blankets and mats.

Sediment Control seeks to prevent sediments that have been mobilized from entering the waterway. Methods include silt fences, fiber rolls, and sandbag barriers. Healthy riparian vegetation also catches sediment before it enters the stream.

A silt fence and erosion control matting are used to reduce erosion at this site.

Note that leaving material with plastic mesh such as this is not ideal as it takes a long time to degrade.  Select coir fabric that doesn’t contain a plastic mesh.  Even those with “UV Degradable” mesh don’t break down as rapidly as claimed.

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